5 Reasons why growing your own food is a MUST!

by | Sep 22, 2020

Not all of us feel like we are successful when it comes to gardening. Delicate flowers need a careful balance of rain, sunlight and do not often last long.

That is why growing your own fruit and vegetables is a fantastic option, not only is the ‘harvest’ season longer, it will help you save on your grocery bill and makes great use of your outdoor space.

Here are five reasons why you should be growing your own food – much like how we do here, at Sydenham!

According to Harvard Medical School, there are several health benefits.

  • It helps you more fresh fruit and vegetables, because you’re growing them yourself, they are readily accessible, and you can choose the type of fertilizers and pesticides come into contact with your food.
  • It puts the power in your hands! It gives you the control to choose when to harvest your food. Veggies that ripen in the garden have more nutrients than store bought vegetables!
  • It keeps you fit, gardening is a great form of light exercise and makes you get out in the fresh air – in no time you’ll see your physical health improve. Gardening can help decrease your heart rate and stress, as well as promote strength and flexibility!
  • It saves you money! Growing your own fruit and veg can save you money.
  • Growing your own fruit and vegetables can help the environment, from reducing the transportation of the food you consume, the packaging used and chemicals that help the environment.

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