The benefits of seniors being in a group and group activity ideas

by | May 25, 2023

The benefits of seniors being in a group and group activity ideas

Group activity is something you’re so used to when you’re young as it’s part of daily life. This can be trickier to maintain the older you get and can have more negative impacts than one would think. Of course, it’s important to have time for yourself but, if possible, you really should find time to partake in group activities. This is because it can provide so many benefits to one’s wellbeing, not just physically but mentally too. If you want to understand the benefits and/or are struggling to think of activities to get into, then this blog will be of great use to you, as it’ll go through the fabulous benefits and provide you with a range of activity ideas.


Group activities provide a social outlet for all seniors, allowing them to interact with others. It may be easier to partake in a group activity with friends as you already know that you share common interests with them. However, once you get into the routine of a particular group activity, then you may well find that new friendships are formed, expanding ones social circle and creating new connections to spend social time with. This will reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, something which can happen to anyone and have negative impacts on mental health. By socialising, the potential negative impacts of loneliness are majorly reduced.

Mental Stimulation

Group activity will stimulate the mind, as well as providing opportunities for learning and growth. This helps towards the health of your brain and exercising it will enable you to be on the ball and can even make you feel like you have more energy to burn. This psychological benefit is amazing for maintaining the brains cognitive function and preventing age-related cognitive decline. If your mind feels switched on and awake then it’s far more likely that your body will too!

Physical Activity

A group activity could easily involve some form of physical exercise, this doesn’t have to be intense, half an hour of light movements can go a long way. This type of activity is far easier to do in a group, as it usually requires motivation and you can do this as a group to work together to achieve a common goal. Physical exercise is important because not only does it help strengthen muscle and improve flexibility/mobility but, it also helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Sense of Purpose and Support

Being part of a group can provide seniors with a sense of purpose and meaning, by having a regular date in the diary, this provides you with something to focus on/look forward to and really provides that sense of belonging and structure to your life. This not only creates extra purpose to one’s week but it also implements a feeling of comfort and confidence, which will improve wellbeing and quality of life.

Group activities can create a number of connections to add to any existing friendships you may have, this will provide you with a larger support network for any worries or problems in your life. This will help to reduce stress and promote good mental health by sharing your problems and having a group of people you can trust to talk through them with. As more often than not, there’s someone else going through the exact same worries as you are, it will enable you all to feel better by talking and supporting each other. This will not only create a wonderful sense of unity but it will also improve mental health significantly.

Group Activity Ideas

1. Arts and Crafts – this will encourage creativity and self-expression through activities such as painting, drawing, and knitting.
2. Exercise and Movement – promote physical activity and good physical health through activities such as dance/Zumba (at an appropriate pace), walking, and yoga.
3. Music and Dance – encourage socialising and brain stimulation through sing-alongs, music therapy, or dance classes.
4. Games and Puzzles – promote cognitive function and socialisation through activities such as card games, board games, crosswords, and jigsaws.
5. Cooking and Baking – promote working as a team and healthy eating through cooking classes or baking groups.
6. Reminiscence and Storytelling – Encourage brain health by using memory to recall past experiences and stories from your life, this is also a great way of opening up and strengthening relationships.

Group activity has so many benefits for seniors, especially those who are suffering from loneliness. It can provide you with a sense of belonging and a close support network, this will improve mental health and the activities themselves can stimulate the mind as well as providing physical benefits. This creates an extremely positive aura around one’s life, with group activity as the catalyst for a lot of positive additions to an individuals situation. There is a range of activities to partake in, with a whole range of mental-based stimuli as well as physical and creative activities, the opportunity is there for a perfect balance of the things you love to do. The social side can’t be underestimated either, as group activity allows for new connections to be made and great friendships to form over common shared interests and beliefs, a healthy social life is great for overall quality of life. All the activities within this blog involve fun and that means a lot of laughing and smiling, which is of course only going to improve the general mood. Here at Sydenham House, we ensure that our lovely residents have a range of group activities available so that they can receive the full benefits that these activities possess.