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When our elderly reach a certain age, it’s absolutely vital that they start eating as consciously healthy as possible for improved overall wellbeing and health. Eating a diet that is well-balanced is vital for maintaining our weight, getting the nutrients our bodies need and staying as energised as possible as we move into old age. Here we want to take a look at how healthy eating can positively impact the lives of the elderly.

Playing games is not just for children; whether young or old, there are some incredible benefits to playing all sorts of games. This activity can be a stress-relieving, fun way to alleviate boredom that can lead to mental health issues down the road. Elderly people should be encouraged to play games of all kinds (board games, group games, physical games), and different benefits can be achieved depending on the type of game. With this in mind, we wanted to run you through just some of the benefits that elderly people can expect to receive from playing games.

There has been some research done recently to suggest that friendships and social interaction can help to reduce the risk of dementia, including Alzheimers disease.


 The importance of keeping active as we age is something that many are becoming increasingly aware of. As mental and physical heath declines with age it seems evident that exercise is a vital way for the elderly to maintain happy, fulfilled lifestyles. In keeping with this, we’ve decided to outline the most essential benefits that exercise can offer our elderly today.

Here at Sydenham House, we're excited to announce that we're looking for new staff to join our progressive and forward-thinking team of caring professionals. 


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Sydenham House Residential Home are looking for a kind and caring individuals to join our wonderful team.

We currently have a vacancy Night Care Assistant for 2 night per week (Wednesday and Thursday) Job description is available on our Vacancies page, as well as the opportunity to apply for these positions.

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