Dementia: 8 Early Signs to Look Out For

by | Jul 25, 2022

Dementia is a broad term that accurately describes a collection of certain symptoms. Such symptoms can affect a person’s memory, ability to think, communicate with others, and the ways that they process information. According to the WHO, over 55 million people live with some form of dementia globally, and there are more than 10 million fresh cases diagnosed every single year! With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at some of the most common signs that you could be spotting in your loved ones as early as possible.

Short-term memory changes

Obviously, having trouble with memory is an extremely common early sign of dementia. The changes here can often be subtle and usually involve elements of short-term memory. An individual with dementia, for example, will be able to remember an event that happened many years ago, but struggle to remember what they ate for breakfast.

Inability to find the right words

An additional early symptom of dementia can be a difficulty with communicating certain thoughts. An individual with dementia could have a difficult time finding the right words or explaining something properly. This may manifest itself through an individual stopping in the middle of a particular sentence and not knowing exactly how to carry on.

Mood swings

A sudden change in mood can also be very common with someone who has dementia. Depression is also common in the early stages of dementia. Someone with dementia can also appear more anxious or fearful than they were previously. They might get upset very easily if their daily routine is disrupted, or if they happen to find themselves in an unusual situation.


Someone with dementia may lose interest in activities or hobbies that they typically used to enjoy participating in. They might not wish to go out and have fun anymore. They might also lose an interest in spending proper time with family and friends, and they may appear emotionally flat.

Trouble completing tasks

Subtle shifts in an ability to complete normal tasks is another early warning sign. This can typically start with difficulty completing complex tasks such as:

  • Keeping on top of bills
  • Following recipes
  • Playing games with many rules


Confusion can be very common in someone who is beginning to exhibit signs of dementia. They might have trouble remembering certain faces, figuring out where exactly they are, or knowing what month or day it is.

Deterioration in sense of direction

An individual’s sense of spatial orientation and direction usually starts t get much worse when dementia begins to appear. They could have difficulty recognising familiar landmarks or forget how to get to certain places that they previously had no trouble in finding.

Repetitive behaviour

Repetition is common in people with dementia because of general behavioural changes and memory loss. A person might repeat daily tasks, including bathing or shaving, or they might collect items in an obsessive way.

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