Introducing Care Home Visiting Pods

by | Jan 26, 2021

Care home visiting pods have brought a sigh of relief amidst uncertain times. It has been a difficult year for most of us, having not been able to see loved ones and socialise with friends.

At Sydenham House we chose to remain closed to all visitors to keep our residents safe. We are very proud that we have managed to stay Covid-free throughout and strive to remain so.

We have done our utmost to keep our residents in contact with their families during the pandemic. We have done this via video calls and phone calls. I even wrote a blog post about how beneficial these video calls have been. However, the introduction of visiting pods was a great relief for all care homes across the country because it finally gave us a way to allow families to visit their loved ones in person.

We are so happy that we now have our own pod and it has certainly brought a smile to our faces. We are very thankful that we now have a way to allow families to see each other. The pod itself is a room that has been built outside. A clear wall down the centre splits the room in half. One side is where our residents can sit and be comfortable and on the other side of the screen visitors can safely see their loved ones in person. This screen allows everyone to socially distance, whilst still be able to see and talk to their family members on the other side. This room is also easy to clean so we can ensure that it is sanitised between visits. This is brilliant because the health and safety of all of our residents, staff and visitors is a top priority for us.

The visiting pod has been welcomed with open arms because of the possibilities it has given us. However, it has brought some cons. The introduction of this pod also brings the need for extra staff. These members of staff are needed to supervise residents to ensure their safety and to be there if they need anything. This is particularly important for residents who are wheelchair users.

Unfortunately, these extra members of staff need to come from somewhere and this has put a bit of a strain on our staffing levels across the home. This is especially clear when we have to have a member of staff self-isolate to make sure that we keep our care home safe and Covid-free. Even with these hurdles, we will still endeavour to provide the best care for our residents and are tremendously proud that we can now offer visits via our new visiting pod.

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