Low Impact Exercises to Keep Active

by | Dec 29, 2020

For some of the elderly, it is already sometimes difficult to get out and about. We have always enjoyed taking our residents out for walks and hosting events to keep them active. With a third lockdown and continuing risks, we can’t get out and about as much as we’d want to. However, we’ve found this advice from the NHS to be extremely helpful with examples of low impact exercises. This means that you can keep your body moving even when you can’t get out as much.

1.      Regular Walks

It might be obvious, but it is the most popular way to get moving. Those who are able to can go for short walks around the building and if not even a little stroll around the room can be beneficial.

2.      Small Stretches

This one is a favourite because it can be done both standing up and sitting down. Simple movements such as pointing your toes and then moving them back again can help with blood circulation. Small leg exercises can help stop muscles from getting too stiff, such as lifting legs slightly off the ground.

3.      Standing Exercises

If able to, there are a few easy legs exercises that can be done whilst standing in front of a chair and using it as a support. These include simply extending the legs backwards one at a time and lifting them off to the side slightly.

4.      Arm Movements

Simple arm exercises can be beneficial, such as crossing the arms over the chest and twisting slightly to the side. Other movements include sitting upright, extending your arms to the side and pulling the shoulders back.

5.      Moving the Neck

Lastly, there are some easy stretches that can be done to help avoid stiff necks. One is to simply turn your head side-to-side. The other is to tilt the head forward slightly, then to the left and then to the right.

These are some of the lowest impact examples from the NHS’s long list of suggestions. If you think you might want to try some of these, there are many more exercises that you can do that focus on balance, flexibility and strength.