Sustainable Living, because we care. 

by | May 11, 2020

At Sydenham House, not only do we care about our staff, patients and their families, we also care about the environment.

If you read our previous blog, back in February, we vowed to improve our carbon footprint. As we continue through 2020, we have kept to our promise and have taken steps to live sustainably.

Whilst improving the lives of our patients with our home-grown fruit and vegetables, by sourcing our food from our farm, or locally we are making our care home sustainable for generations to come.

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Why is it important that we are sustainable? 

By producing less greenhouse gas emissions, unplugging our devices when they aren’t in use and opting for less modern methods of drying clothes and travelling, we are making the planet a better place to live for our community.

We produce our own food, which with the troubling times that have come with 2020 has helped us protect our Sydenham family. By being self-sufficient we have been able to maintain a good quality of life for our patients and provide a daily routine, which is highly important as we get older.

By making smart choices we are improving the quality of our lives and the environment, whilst paving the way for future generations to do the same.

Being sustainable can also get you into fantastic new hobbies! Why not repurpose clothes and make new ones by taking up sewing, or choose to grow vegetables and take up gardening? We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

What you can do to help be sustainable?

By making eco-friendly choices and opting to reduce, reuse and recycle you too can make a difference to your carbon footprint!

If you can reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, by choosing reusable options over one-use products, you too can start living sustainably.

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