The Benefits of Animals for Seniors

by | Aug 14, 2021

Have you ever considered the benefits animals bring to our elderly loved ones? It has been proven by numerous studies that animals have incredible mental and physical health benefits for seniors.

It is crucial to keep on top of your elderly loved one’s health, that is why it is always good to learn about new and exciting ways in which you can do so. You may also be looking for a responsible care home to do this for you too.

That is why we at Sydenham House have made sure to not only provide useful information to you but, that we also take action by making our home a great one for our residents.


Our Farm

We are very fortunate to have our local farm in Awre that our residents can visit and interact with. Our brilliant farm is run by Graham, a lovely chap who helps keep the farm working and looking great.

We have 25 acres on which a selection of sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, geese and chickens are kept. We also grow lots of fruit and vegetables, which then get used in our kitchens.

Our farm plays a key role in our residents’ lives. It offers them the opportunity to see and learn new things, whilst also providing them with an outlet in which they can interact with animals.

These are the many benefits that we have found our farm animals bring for our elderly residents…


1.      Ease loneliness & depression.

Many of our residents take comfort in knowing they can spend time with our farm animals. Whether they choose to talk to them, pet them or look after them – they feel as though they have a companion that they can go to.

Socialisation plays a key factor in mental health. Providing our elderly loved ones with opportunities to socialise helps ease their loneliness and depression.


2.      Help to lower blood pressure.

The physical contact of meeting, petting or having an animal has had proven results in lowering blood pressure.

By actively trying to lower blood pressure, it will help reduce the chance of heart disease.


3.      Creates a sense of comfort and security.

Animals are brilliant for providing comfort and security for seniors. Some elderly individuals will often find it hard to communicate or take comfort from another human. That is when animals can become a good alternative for helping seniors feel at ease.

Less stressed and more comfortable elders will find it easier to be open. That is why we ensure that our lovely residents get plenty of time with both our carers and the animals.


4.      Influences a better mood and positive focus shift.

Some days can feel rougher than others and like anyone else, some seniors experience periods of feeling low. This can cause a shift in their mood, leaving them agitated, isolated and removed.

Encouraging seniors to interact with animals helps them focus on something else. This shift in focus can help lift their spirits, as the interaction with the animals is a fun and enjoyable one.



It is clear to see that many benefits come from seniors interacting with animals. That is why here at Sydenham House, we have made it our priority to create an animal haven for our seniors to enjoy.

Our farm is full of lovely chickens, goats, pigs, ducks and more! We understand that is important for our residents to feel a part of something big, that is why we always encourage them to take part in all activities that involve our lovely animals.

To find out more about our farm, or more about us here at Sydenham House – please feel free to explore our website or contact us directly!