The Great Outdoors is a Great Restorative!

by | Apr 17, 2019

I have always thought that encouraging our residents to spend time outdoors is a great way to improve their emotional wellbeing.

Too often I have heard of care homes where the residents have no views of the outside to speak of. And too often there are a number of reasons why they can’t go outside.

‘It’s too hot/cold.’

‘There are too many steps.’

‘It’s dangerous.’

To all of which I say – ‘Humbug!’

Yes, the residents need to dress appropriately and sometimes extra care and vigilance is needed, but that’s all part of our job isn’t it? Now that Spring is here it is the perfect time for them to be outdoors.

Being outside exposes them to natural light which provides vitamin D. Walking is excellent light exercise and the smells and sounds of a garden or woodland are both stimulating and energising.

Here at Sydenham House, we have a lovely light and spacious conservatory that looks out onto our garden. The residents are encouraged to go outside whenever they wish to walk and sit in the well maintained grounds which benefit from wheelchair access.

In addition, we arrange frequent trips out, to our farm, the nearby village of Blakeney and further afield to garden centres, the Forest of Dean and the seaside.

One thing you won’t hear our residents say is that are kept cooped up indoors all the time!