Ways That Our Elderly Can Boost Their Energy Levels

by | Sep 13, 2022

For most of our elderly, hitting the age of 65 can mean a drastic slowdown in energy levels. As we age, however, it can be common for energy levels to dip and many elderly find that they simply don’t have the energy they once did. Luckily, there are ways to help our elderly boost energy levels. Read on to find out how!


Even if the knees aren’t working as they should, taking a brisk walk around your neighbourhood is a great way to feel more focused and alert. For best results, it’s important to take a walk outside to enjoy the boost of vitamin D provided. Any form of exercise that doesn’t drastically wear you out will work wonders for your energy levels.


Being dehydrated can have a drastic effect on your energy levels, especially as it applies for elderly people. Body dehydration of as little as 2% could result in a decreased capacity for activity of 30%! So make it a conscious effort to drink enough water every day.

Avoiding smoking

Many people believe smoking can increase energy levels, but the opposite is true. While the nicotine that is produced could provide a short burst of energy, the effects are relatively short-lived, and individuals who smoke will tend to experience drastic dips in energy levels when compared to non-smokers.

Amending your diet

Diet can have a significant impact on energy levels. Diets that are far too rich in processed foods, sugars, and carbohydrates will make you feel listless and groggy. Foods rich in quality lean fats, vitamins, and protein are ideal for sustained energy!

Getting a good night’s sleep

This is, of course, most important of all! Many elderly people suffer from sleep issues that impair their overall ability to remain awake and feel refreshed. Some sleep issues, such as insomnia or sleep apnoea, might require medical attention in order to be properly resolved. Once this is done, you can turn your attention to developing healthy sleep habits!


Meditation can work wonders for everything from wellbeing to our health and to energy levels. Multiple studies have proven that there is a link between increased energy, focus, productivity, and meditation.

Addressing stress

Stress can unfortunately balloon into an all-consuming negative thing that drastically reduces energy levels. Because of that, it’s really essential to develop different methods for dealing with stress in positive and healthy ways. Meditation and walking can help.


Connecting with others is essential to maintaining energy levels and feeling loved, happy, engaged, and it can help get rid of feelings of sluggishness.

Brain games

Keeping the mind active will prevent energy levels from dipping. Happily, it’s remarkably easy to do, and playing brain-focused games like scrabble or chess can massively help. Playing brain games can also help prevent cognitive decline and dementia symptoms.

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