What Makes for a Good Care Home?

by | Jul 29, 2019

When you think of a Care Home, what picture immediately springs to mind? Is it a group of old people sitting around watching daytime TV or staring blankly at the walls?

You’ve not visited Sydenham House!

Let’s look at that phrase again – Care Home. What do those words mean? Here are the Oxford Dictionary definitions:

• Care – The provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something
• Home – The place where one lives permanently

Basic human needs for care include things such as being kept warm and well fed and assistance with washing and toileting. However, we must also consider important mental and emotional needs too.

At Sydenham House our residents are happy, safe and content. They are consulted and listened to, respected and kept active. They are cared for and treated as individuals. Above all they are loved.

The key to all this is the staff we employ. They are well trained and several of them have been with us for many years. They understand that the job they do is important and they are all willing to go that extra mile for our residents.

So when family and friends visit us they don’t find their loved ones sitting around in a soporific stupor. They find them doing things such as baking, playing games, singing or exercising.

And they will hear laughter.