Meals at  Sydenham House

Meal times are always amongst the highlights of the day for our residents.  You are not going to see any ready meals in our kitchens as all our food is freshly prepared.

Many of the ingredients come from our own farm, including meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables and salads.  We are also pleased to offer our residents home-made cakes, jams and pickles.

Our Cook takes pride in preparing healthy meals using these fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  In addition, she has undertaken nutritional training to ensure that diets can be supplemented to fulfil people’s individual requirements.  Residents weight is monitored regularly.

Food and drinks are available 24 hours a day and staff closely monitor how well residents are eating, supplementing meals with healthy snacks when required.  If a resident misses a mealtime for any reason a meal is kept for their return.


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“We saw the fridge was full of fresh fruit and vegetables and people had a variety of options at each meal. If a person was out of the home during a mealtime, relatives told us a meal was kept for their return.”

Extract from CQC Inspection Report, July 2018.